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Jingles - Little Songs that Live Forever

Try and remember any Radio or TV ad from when we were growing up. Chances are, that if we remember it... it was a 'Jingle'. (A 'Jingle' is a small song or music piece used for advertising, promotion or similar activities.) That then is the power of a 'little song'. Played a few times, it stays with us forever

'Audio Branding' (in addition) involves using music, voices, a great'

copy or script, and bringing all this together to create an ad, mnemonic or telephone tune, that can be recalled by the listener much later. That is what we are passionate about. :)


Let us know when you need a 'memorable' radio ad, caller tune, corporate song or TV jingle. Happy to help! We are 'Jingles India', and we make India's best Jingles and Radio Ads.

To know more about our Co-Founders and Leaders:

Vineet Panchhi -

Amit Vishnoi -  Please visit Facebook  Page. 

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Samsung | Anthem

Proctor and Gamble | Radio Spot

Shamit Buildcon | Corporate Anthem

Fresh from the Studio

Amul Boss day | Jingle

Lufthansa 2 day Sale | Radio Spot

Maruti Genuine Parts | Radio Spot

Lemon Tree Hotels | Promotion Jingle


This is our story. Of the people, the dreams and the music that came together to make us 'Jingles India'

The song that reached more than 2 lakh people in 4 days. We think everyday should be 'Women's Day'.

Samples of our work for National Radio 


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Need help with releasing your ad on a radio station?

Choosing a radio station to release your ad, could be quite overwhelming. There are hundreds of stations across India, and if you’re a first-time radio advertiser, it’s important to get the right information about time slots and costs. Feel free to call our CEO and creative head, Amit Vishnoi @ +91-9359-625-724 or +91-7906-039-684, or write to him at for advice and assistance on buying radio time.

How much does a world class Radio Ad or Jingle cost?

Radio ads and other ‘Audio-Branding’ products require; script or lyrics writing, music composition, and finally voices and production. Depending on what our specific need may be, these products will vary in cost. Please look at our current prices for indicative ranges in which these products can be produced.

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