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IVR and Telephone Voice Samples

Voice, Music and Branding for Telephone Systems

The first thing our guests and customers notice, when they call our phone is the quality of sound, music and voices on our systems. So, if you have a sweet-sounding receptionist; who is always available to say “Thank You for calling, our beautiful company, how may I help?” …you are both rare and lucky.


Most organizations, however, use an automated telephony system, today. This means that all our callers will hear the voice, music and other sounds that we choose to insert in the system.

These audio files will on most occasions :

  • Greet people. (“Thank You for calling, our company, we are the best, we are the most competent (etc.)…please dial the desired extension number, or hold for operator’s assistance.”)

  • Ask them to hold. (“Please hold, the extension you requested, is currently busy…your call is important to us…we shall be with you shortly.” Etc.)

  • Ask callers to call later. (“Sorry, our offices are closed at the moment, please call us Monday to Friday, between this and this time…”)

  • Ask callers to dial a specific number to get a specific service. (For Sales- Dial 1, For HR-Dial 2…)


In whichever case, the voice that the caller hears, is creating an impact on our overall branding. The quality, texture, pronunciation of words, speed, diction and delivery of the voice, all of this, tell our callers, who we may be.


This is why, professional organizations go to great lengths to ensure, that their telephone systems align with their overall branding and that the audio and voice heard by the customer convey the brand message and image. A professional radio quality voice, with appropriate (or even branded audio), does not cost much. Not having it on your telephone systems does.


It costs business.

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