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Like for most creative work, its immensely difficult to define what the final cost of a production may be. However , once we discuss the project , we should be able to give you cost indications fairly quickly. Call Amit Vishnoi @ +91-9359-625-724

Voice Based Ads


These are ads in which you send us an approved script. We shall then get the script recorded by high quality radio voice artists , mix this with appropriate music and deliver a radio quality audio file to you. We can also help with writing a script for the advertisement. This kind of ad takes 24-36 hours to produce.

Mnemonics | Audio Signatures


These are usually music pieces that are made specifically for a brand and are similar to a brand logo. Once produced, these can be used on multiple media including radio and for many years. Most people do not change their audio identity ever. Other places these can be used are... on your website, office telephone systems, corporate presentations, TV etc. An audio signature can take up to a week to produce.



A jingle is a small song used for advertising or brand recall...usually between 30-60 seconds. Most people mistakenly call all radio ads , 'Jingles'. A jingle is necessarily a music and lyrics based composition that is used for advertising a brand , product or service. Jingles are also used for radio programs, corporate branding and presentations. A jingle is considered to be 80-90 times more effective for brand recall. Try remembering any ad from your own childhood…chances are the ad was a jingle. A Jingle can take up to a week to produce.

Sample of a voice based ad. This one uses 2 voices, music and sound effects integration.

Sample of an Audio Signature | Mnemonic.

The melody in which 'Lalit' is sung at the start and at  the end ; is a Mnemonic.

Sample of a Radio Jingle. This uses a small song and some voice over to create a distinctive 'feel' for the promotion. Also ends with Amul's famous audio signature- 'Utterly Butterly Delicious-Amul'

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