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Our Army is unique.  So are our Events. 


It takes years for an event company to understand that our Army expects flawless execution of their events, under all circumstances. We have understood that the hard way, and understood that forever.

Let us confess when we started working for various Army Units (Year 2000) in and around Dehradun, we made our own set of mistakes. These made us learn some vital lessons about what we, as a Professional Events Management company can do differently for The Indian Army. We learnt how to manage large, high quality events in frugal budgets, deliver on time, work at all kinds of places (for one film shoot our crew walked for 3 days), stay fit , as also how to make the most of what is available. 



Valuable lessons indeed!


Today, ‘Jingles India ’is not just India’s most respected Audio Banding Company, but is the most trusted Events Management Company in India. Our team of close to 40 trained resources is known for its creativity, sense of urgency and ownership. 

Which is why, The Indian Military Academy, Dehradun & The National Defense Academy at 

Khadakwasala) trusts us with its signature Light and Sound Shows, as well as other events of all sizes. 


Incidentally, ‘IMA Through Ages’, the Light and Sound Show conducted at The Indian Military Academy, is one of the largest anywhere in India. It is done in front of the famous Chetwode Building, covering a stage of more than 400 feet, an audience of more than 3000 people and a crew of more than a hundred people. It uses live action, horses, lasers, lights, films, world class audio and fireworks. All these come together for 40 minutes, to give parents of GCs, Officers and Guests an experience of their life time, and swells their hearts with pride. 


We have also assisted, The Indian Army ( ADGPI ) and many other Indian Army Academies, Regimental centers & Units in making their films.


So, whether it’s a film, or large format events like Raising Day, Biennial, Jubilee Functions of The Indian Army. We are glad to assist.



Jai Hind!
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